EP 33-🎖️Learning from Our Legacy:🎖️With Love🕊️ from Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii 🕊️ 🌴


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Happy New Year Friends! + Sending you so much love from Pearl Harbor. Let's dig deeper than surfacy/basic-shit this year:

Here's a little love from today's episode+ share, share share!

with love xx from a child of war:

Reflect, find out where you came from

-Remember those we have lost and those who sacrificed their lives for us

- What can we really learn from our ancestors -- so much is lost as the years pass, its important for us to document these stories.

- Pay attention to where you are being guided towards

- Visit more memorial sites, museums and cultural experiences

- Let's not allow history to repeat itself.

- Leave your Legacy + ask the questions you want to ask, now.

- Practice more acts of heroism when nobody is looking

"Intoku"in Japanese

- Share more important content that matters

- Look to the flickering light "komorebi" without darkness, light cannot exist.

- Cultivate more peace in this world

Deepest gratitude xx Candice

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