EP 34- Yo, Throw Spaghetti🍝at the Wall: 🍝7 Better Ways to Make it All Work


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Hi babes,

I took a much needed creative break last week while flying from set in HNL to set in LA + set in NY...I did this so I could better serve you and get you a meaningful + useful pod for this week...

In so many ways I've realized that everything in life is a process of timing + trial and error ... adaptation to change and continuously making it work.

Here are 7 better ways we can better understand life, let up on ourselves a little, and learn everyone is constantly working through trial and error, together:

Everything is fking spaghetti at the wall:

don't be fooled by anyone -- experience is great but adaptation is key:

- Our Learning Curves are priceless

- Grateful for the Growth: its imperative to success

- Become Self Aware

- Break More Patterns: Esp the ones that don't work for you: be aware of them

- Set Boundaries

- Stop Worrying

- Nemawashi: in Japanese: talking change or a project out humbly with your closest support system.

Everything is just perfectly imperfect xxx

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grateful xx ck

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