EP 35- See You at ⛰️The Top of theHigh Road⛰️: How to Jedi-MindF: Cool + Calm Always Wins ⚡


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Bonjour Beauties from Paris, France this week!

Love letters from the French + Japanese American posse this week to you:


  • There's a place for all of us at the top of the high road
  • Have the "Be of Service" attitude
  • Be the individual who stays calm
  • Try to see all sides - appeal to the nobles, don't argue
  • What to do when someone unloads on you - don't engage
  • Dale Carnegie's Books
  • Maya Angelou Quotes
  • Let your hard work speak for itself
  • Be honest, honorable and play fair
  • Someone is taking notes -- trust this
  • Boom -- Jedi MindF everyone xx I'm out, Im in Paris and I need to go enjoy real life + work here for
  • GlobalGirlsGlow.org
  • xx enjoy xx ck

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