EP 36- Hard Knock Lyfe: 👯 Real Talk + Smart Tips from two REAL Global Entrepreneur Sisters 💋x


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It's the hard knock life for us -- well, you'll hear why when you listen to Pod 36 - Jenni, my only sibling and I never had it easy, we had nothing handed to us... we had tough love and we made tough choices:
We now, have to manage multiple businesses and biz accounts, various clients, payroll, taxes, writing, journalism, media, and lyfe with global settings + a global state of mind.
Here are 10 Ways to Cope with Real Life+ Biz: we explain how we have kept it real + kept it cool + creative af:
Business isn't always about the money, its also about doing something that changes lives + sparks creativity +evokes emotion for others and sparks joy xx
1- Don’t compare — for there will always be ppl better or worse than yourself -- prettier, smarter, more successful -- just don't compare, it does no good... observe the thought and let it go...
2- Read: Max Ehrmann Desiderata
3- Be a Little Easier on Yourself — give advice you’d give to a friend to yourself xx
4- Read:The Unteathered Soul for self help (thanks Nikki!)
5- Hire people who REALLY HELP you: an assistant who is eagerly helpful, a bookkeeper, an accountant, an agent, etc
6- Learn and accept we are human//multi- faceted people + note what your weaknesses are
7- Practice moral integrity, daily + don't judge others
8- Listen//watch more comedy: my faves: Chapelle, + old school Eddie Murphy "Delirious"!
9- If you’ve got a good idea: Do your research, survey, marketing + go for it!!!
10- Know that none of this was planned: Wabi Sabi: nothing is planned. You CAN do ANYTHING you want, you have to apply yourself — you’re not alone … sis and I are with you.
+ PLUS: all of your questions answered

YES!! Real Talk + Smart Tips from two REAL Global Entrepreneur Sisters 💋x

Everything is just perfectly imperfect.

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See you back on E! News Feb 19th!

grateful xx ck

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