EP- 40 Mastering the Art of The🕴️Boys Club: Make a Seat for Yourself 👑


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I’ve had to take a seat at the table, the boys club table, many, many times …more often than not, my talent, allure + kindness is what won everyone over.. (leather pencil-skirts work, too) but what I'm getting at: you don’t have to be a total bitch to get what you want.

Make a seat for yourself: Create space for your name on the roster.

It will be painful, triumphant and not easy ... but it will be done!

It has been done by many, many women before our time.

Commend them, support them, love them... women. Brave, beautiful, smart and hot, leading women.

1- make a seat

2- earn respect

3- become a commodity

4- smarter and serious

5- be honest

6- honor yourself

7- honor other women

that's it, this week -- you fill in these blanks, and you tell me, on paper, how the f you're going to accomplish this at the boys table.

have fun babes, bc we still get to wear lipstick and heels + turn a lot of heads. smart + beautiful women are the most dangerous thing on this planet X ck

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