EP - 42 Hey Gorgeous, 🧭 You Lost? How to Find Your True North 🧭


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you wanna be lightning? how to weather the storm:

1- Wab Sabi: -- accept all is imperfect, perfectly imperfect

2- Surround Yourself w/ Smart People: -- get smarter on this + no, you don't have to be friends with everyone forever. Do your best be your best, give your best

3- Get off Social +do Real Life Shit: (write books, practice yoga, paint, play a sport, take classes, get a degree, get a real job)

4- Meditation: is proven to clear and calm the human mind

5- Own + Accept your calling: even when its rough af

6- Accept your Gifts: you have something to offer the world that others do not!

7- Gratitude Attitude Counts: this practice is so real + grateful people go everywhere xxx grace is real xx ck

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