EP 46 ⚡How to Be a Hero 🏅 ⚡+ Save Lives Now


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a little prayer for you!:) its all going to be okay! every little thing that you do now is cumulative -- it will help everyone later + share this pod asap on IG and with friends!

here's what you can do to help others in this time of need:

1- stay in and quarantine, everyday

2- donate to charity: Wellness in the Schools + Health Corps -- check them out and donate time or if you can funding + Help Save Restaurants: look at James Beard Foundation for more info

3- cookies!!

4- call your friends now, tell them you love them

5- reach out to a crush

6- workout + don't skip it!! I'll do it with you: Tracy Anderson or a run//weights daily!

7- kindness, compassion, empathy

8- what are you doing now to help!? write on my IG comments now! @CandiceKumai

all you have to do this week is share this pod with 2 friends and have two friends promise to follow @CandiceKumai on IG.

this too shall pass xx ck

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