EP-47 ⚡Le Quarantine Survival Guide by: le golden girl of wellness😍


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The Survival Guide to Quarantine Life: Living your best quarantined life

- Boss up + start volunteering its not about you:

- wellness in the schools + health corps - look them up! tell me what you're doing to help others these days?

-Make each other laugh: Coming to America from -- watching in 1st grade lol

- Cook every meal of everyday -- this helps w better nutrition, mental health and creates a full-circle relationship w yourself.

-Start a new workout routine -- Tracy Anderson Online -- amazing!

-Find a quarantine crush you can flirt w all day and get bad -- as much as you’d like -- texting//calls!

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Take advice for women by women!

  • Arianna -- thrive + huff post
  • Sophia -- girlboss
  • Ladies get paid
  • Well + good
  • Vogue
  • Master class w anna wintour
  • Podcasts: almost 30, rosie acosta, sahara rose,

- Get your inspiring friends on a zoom

- Reach out to the friends who are down

-Educate yourself, read read read, write, listen, read

- Cry when you need to, no judgement

-Start letting go, accept, practice less judgment

-Use the Tokyo 2021 Olympics as an example -- they shifted and set the date -- making hard and fast decisions!

-You will be remembered by the actions you take now + cumulatively what you do now, by staying home...

-Monks: the monks in the mountains -- they pray to being light into dark places, knowing this: dark places do exist

-Practice grace and harmony -- remember perfection is a myth!

-This too shall pass

- I answer all of your qs! xx ck

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