EP- 48 💌 Dear Grandma + Grandpa, here's how us millennials are doing


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Dear grandma and grandpa -- here’s how us millennials are doing

Putting perspective into the story + understanding this situation to better find peace within this time.

Episode 48- Dear Grandma and Grandpa:

Here's how us millennials are doing

  • Stay home, please.
  • Cook more at home: order my books asap: fave 3?
  • Clean Green Eats, Kintsugi Wellness, Clean Green Drinks
  • What are you doing to help? -- write it down

  • Glimpse into what our grandparents went through.
  • Lesson -- find the value in this growth period
  • Race -- --we can all be the change to help.
  • "you cannot drive out hate with hate, only love can do that" - MLK
  • Be the change you wish to see, stop talking about it and complaining and start doing more to help others.
  • Get gorgeous, extra tips on how to get hot and take better care in this bonus time
  • Keep it extra
  • Get your shit together, now -- this is a great opportunity to utilize and take action.
  • Practice finding peace within this perspective and process.
  • HealthCorps.org
  • Wellnessintheschools.org
  • CityHarvest.org
  • Follow Natural Born Leaders
  • Jose Andres
  • Sophia Amoruso
  • Dave Ramsey

take great care of yourself + one another + pass this on to a friend + 5 star review xx xx ck

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