EP 53 Ask Dr. Andrew Weil: NEW ADVICE: Self-Care, Covid + Mental Health Love


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Dr. Andrew Weil:
Please follow and share the work of our friend and the leading pioneer in integrative medicine: Dr. Andrew Weil
Dr. Andrew Weil, originally from Pennsylvania, traveled at a young age, hopping to Japan at just 17 years old in 1959. He then received his undergraduate and medical degrees at Harvard University. An integral part of his life -- he lived to study other cultures with an open mind. He believes that connecting with other living beings is a beautiful way to heal, feel and mend. He has a vibrant +close connection to his three dogs and his family, he loves cooking with his daughter and he lives between Tucson, AZ and up north in Canada.

Andrew Weil noticed our stuffy medical system had some issues: --- physicians should be able to teach people how to live so they don’t get sick and if they do get sick – how to use the most natural least invasive treatments possible available to promote the body’s own healing abilities – integrative medicine. Prevention became key. His books continue to be my favorite source of relevant, useful and to the fucking point information we need, clear as ever and useful for generations to come.

A key aspect of integrative medicine is lifestyle medicine - what we can do to protect and advance the body’s healing abilities starts with nutrition. period. read that line again.

-Social media contributes to anxiety, anger, depression. Limit how much time you spend on social media to an hour or less a day.
-Limit time you spend on all devices.
-Regarding Covid: Take as many precautions as needed and please get tested, often. Wash hands, social distance, be mindful of others.
-WEAR A MASK: Japanese cultural traditions say; wear a mask to respect and care for others; it is a courtesy to protect other people.
-NO NEWS: Limit your intake of social media//news. Please try this for a week, it makes a difference
-INDEPENDENT: The more you attend to your own wellness, the more resistant you are to any infections.
-SLEEP, MOVE, NATURE: Get enough sleep, physical activity, connect with nature. -- shin rin yoku - forest bathing in Japanese.

-BE A BETTER COMMUNITY MEMBER: How to be a better community member: make wise decisions, be mindful of your surroundings.
-MEDITATE: Goal of meditation is not only to sit quietly -- it’s to carry that state throughout the day.
-COOK: Cooking is meditation for Dr. Weil and Candice.
-Always remain curious, chill with people that are not like you.
-Food that’s good and food that’s good for you is the same same -- there is no difference. I love this point of Weil's the most.
-First rule: stop eating refined, processed, and manufactured food.
-Concentrate on whole, natural foods like fruits + veggies
-Fermented food is the best kind of food and we love Japanese food! Miso, shoyu, natto, vinegars. + be mindful the kinds of food you eat -- take better care everyday + eat well + smarter.
-Eating food fresh garden eats tastes better + has more nutrients -- go to your local Farmer's Market!
- Drink more matcha tea: Dr Weil likes Matcha.com (vitamin C, immunity +antioxidant boost!)
-Cultures that have the best general health and longevity: Japanese/Okinawa/Mediterranean countries – meat consumed on special occasions or in small quantities.

- We both strongly believe that reducing consumption of animal foods for both personal and planetary health is imperative -- please take note to eat a plant based diet. (Look up Michael Pollan's books, they are extremely useful + to the point).

-Advice for women: don’t smoke (don't vape!), don’t be a victim of the fashion industry, learn the basic facts of lifestyle medicine, learn and practice some method of managing stress.
- Try Dr. Weil's 4-7-8 Breath, I personally use this every am while meditating. It's free, accessible and everyone has access to this, even Shinzo Abe-Sama.

-Take Covid seriously, wear a mask, boost immunity by eating real and whole foods.
-Limit exposure to social media and television news.
-Pick up a book that you’ve never read before: Dr. Weil Natural Health Natural Medicine is my fave of all his books! He has so many to choose from, unbelievably successful at writing and so very humbled by grace:
- Like Cooking? I highly recommend: Dr. Weil True Food: Seasonal, Sustainable, Simple, Pure. Dr Weil's Books available here: Spontaneous Healing is also another incredible read + very useful, resourceful and relevant
Thank you Dr Weil, we respect and adhere to your ways bc you're on another cosmic level, levitating.

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