EP- 54 ⚡How to START a LEGIT BUSINESS//INC.. especially in a pandemic ⚡


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why business should be infinitely inspiring
+ its a good time to start your dream business
1- there are multiple ways to start a biz: types: INC, S Corp, C Corp; each state has different paperwork
2- find someone: biz partner, lawyer or a mentor to help you to launch your Corp: check BizFilings.com and LegalZoom.com
3- share the same morals//values with your team and those who surround your business: love + support is vital to a healthy business. What do you stand for? What's your set of guidelines?
4- why - whats the why? the who? the how? the what?
here's mine for example:
I will leave a lasting legacy for my family + friends
I will live to create, inspire and empower other women + pave the way, pioneering doors for you.
5- save funding on your own: open: business bank accounts: checking and savings
6- hire: smarter, better, faster, much more talented individuals at their specific trade. Excellence matters most.
7- be flexi in a pandemic: be open to change. let the ebb and flow go in and out, let things go --
8- be someone you want to emulate one day, be someone everyone can respect.
9- be kind to everyone, even when it sucks, especially when it sucks.
10. make clean and clear decisions, its not personal, its business: read: Don Miguel Ruiz "The Four Agreements" for more intel on not taking things personal.
11- its not always about $$ - essentials are what matter: work on a legacy that can last a lifetime. Be proud of your legacy work: men and women respect women who are smart and have a solid foundation + a solid business that stands the test of time.
12- give back -- org non profit -- paying forward: this is important and its karma.
13 - feel good supported- love + support are essential, stay healthy while running a biz
14- you cant take the money to the grave: so share, invest in other women, give other women a chance -- invest, invest, invest,

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