063 Todd Vandivert - Washington Part II


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Todd Vandivert was a game warden for 34 years with the Washington Department of Natural Resources, and now writes books about his experiences. He worked both as a uniformed officer and also as an undercover officer, making multiple cases in each position. Todd’s work as an author is well-known, especially his book Operation Cody in which he breaks down his role in the operation. In this episode, Todd discusses his upbringing, work as a warden, and life as an author.

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Here's What We Discuss:

  • Started with bighorn sheep
  • One toe in the water
  • Wildlife trafficker, cock fighting, and marijuana growth
  • Being a uniformed officer is more dangerous than undercover
  • Dangerous individual
  • Operation shut down early
  • Breaks to the media
  • The takedown
  • Detailing the cockfights
  • Didn’t write the book to make money
  • Small circles of people
  • Bigger busts undercover
  • Hard to kick a case down the road with a good case in your hands
  • Sturgeon caviar
  • Only would talk to Russians
  • Officer exchanges
  • 6 written books
  • Examine the crime scene: physical evidence but no suspect
  • The individual who didn’t lie
  • Rolled into a larger case
  • Put yourself in other’s shoes
  • Bear poop in my mouth


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