Haris Alic, Pat Fallon, Chuck Holton, Ben Carson


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On today's show: Haris Alic, reporter for the Washington Times, shares the latest on the reconciliation bill. Pat Fallon, U.S. Representative for the 4th District of Texas, discusses the State Department admitting there are 363 Americans trapped in Afghanistan and the latest on the reconciliation bill and the Democrats pushing a tax on billionaires. Chuck Holton, freelance reporter for CBN News, gives an update on the caravans heading for U.S.-Mexico border and 52 Al-Qaeda suspects who were captured heading towards the United States. Dr. Ben Carson, Founder and Chairman of the American Cornerstone Institute, talks about his Little Patriots initiative and new children’s book “Why America Matters,” the Loudoun County School Board’s handling of sexual assaults in school bathrooms and the National School Board Association’s so called “apology” letter on Friday, and the push to vaccinate children.

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