[163] Wilderness Guide To Market Leader With Peter Goodwin, Founder Of Groove Life


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Today’s guest has one of the most unique stories we’ve heard here on the Wavebreak Podcast.

In this episode we’re talking to Founder and CEO of Groove Life, Peter Goodwin.

Just 5 years ago he was in the Bush of Alaska, living off the land and working as an outdoor guide.

Peter and his family we’re living so remotely that there wasn’t really a need for a car.

If they wanted to buy groceries, they’d have to jump in a plane and fly there.

While he loved the life of an Alaskan outdoor guide, he wanted to find a way to make some extra income.

So he started Groove Life, and has since grown it into a leader in their space with over 150 employees and a headquarters just outside of Nashville.

We talk about culture, hiring, why he landed on active lifestyle accessories, and some different ways he’s shifted his model throughout the years.

This episode will challenge you, but it’s an easy listen, and Peter shares some amazing insights.

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