Structuring Your Team (And Your Tech Stack) for Scale with Steve Morales


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Our guest today was a driving factor in remodeling how women’s premium fashion brand NYDJ operates under-the-hood.
Steve Morales joins the Wavebreak Podcast to share how you can start optimizing your team—and your tech stack—for scale.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Steve quickly identifies weak points in a tech stack by starting at the top and looking for inefficiencies with “gravitational pull”.
  • Why most ecommerce brands would benefit massively from hiring a Google Analytics expert to clean up their GA account, instead of watching videos and mucking around themselves.
  • The exact team structure NYDJ relies on for all their marketing efforts—including a breakdown of what’s in-house and what’s not.
  • Why and how NYDJ made the switch from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to Shopify Plus.

Steve Morales is VP of Marketing at NYDJ, a women’s premium fashion brand made for every body, all shapes, all sizes, and all ages.

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