Ep. 39 "Black and Missing"


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This week the ladies get into a deep discussion about racial issues when they get a question from a listener for their "Ask a Black Friend" segment, about removing confederate flags,statues and the gateway arch in St Louis. Moreover, they also discuss the heinous crimes happening to our black men, such as the horrific story on Jelani Day, a young black man who was finally found, but had missing organs as if someone took them out; sounds a little too familiar to the movie "Get Out" right? And you know AJ is coming with her conspiracy thoughts on it, which are becoming more like facts. In addition, after the triggering discussion they lighten up the mood with a "Dumb B*tch story" and lets just say if you get yourself a side piece make sure they are not a snitch too. Moreover, why is there no sense of urgency when it comes to missing black people in America? lets discuss

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