Navigate Your Wedding Budget w/ ZERO STRESS in 3 Easy Steps


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You want to host THE MOST meaningful, fun, unforgettable wedding that any of your friends & family have ever been to. Simple enough, right?

Riiiiight. The trouble is, sometimes our "champagne dreams" really clash with our beer budget. Most couples don’t have a 6-figure wedding budget, can’t afford to hand over a blank checkbook to a full service event planner, and are faced to make really difficult sacrifices and swaps throughout their engagement.

Today we’re going to walk through a detailed conversation that will show you exactly how to get everything you want most our of your wedding celebration - no matter what your budget is.

I’m going to give you a foolproof formula for identifying your top priorities and giving yourselves permission to allocate most of your wedding budget to those key wedding elements.

I’m also going to give you FULL permission to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

And finally, we’re going to talk about the importance of keeping things in perspective. Knowing when to flex your money-saving muscles, and when it might be better to trade your time for dollars and pay a professional rather than trying to “do it yourself”.

In essence? Weddings cost money - A LOT of money - and for most of us, that can quickly become a topic of stress & frustration.

No one wants to be constantly bombarded by sticker shock over how much wedding vendors & services cost. Not to mention the disagreements with family (and maybe even your partner) over:

  • How to spend the money,
  • Feeling guilty that you need to value the opinions of those who contribute over those who don’t,
  • Wondering if it’s worth it to save a few hundred dollars but spend hours trying to figure something out on your own …

Tune in for so much more, including your top 5 "sticker shockers" from Instagram over the past week!

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