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Today I’m addressing your FAQ's about COVID and your 2021 wedding. Tune in for a candid & heartfelt convo on when weddings will be "normal" again, rescheduling etiquette, guest list juggling, post-wedding celebrations, and so much more!

This show is obviously designed to address COVID from a wedding industry perspective, but I do want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of our frontline healthcare workers, scientists and essential workers who have selflessly continued in their trades for the good of all of us.

And equally as important, my condolences to you and your loved ones who have been affected by this tragedy in terms of battling with your health, the death of someone close to you, loss of your job, house, livelihood.

It does not go without saying - the scope of this pandemic has hurt so many lives in so many ways, and I approach the topic of COVID and weddings with the perspective and respect it deserves. I wholly acknowledge that in the grand scheme of things, a rescheduled wedding reception is not the worst thing that can happen - but it’s also a huge disappointment, potentially financially devastating, unspeakably frustrating, and a million other terrible adjectives that we don’t have the time to list.

Hence, today’s show, where I hope we can find some silver linings and together create a positive way to move forward.

The first question that’s been posed in a variety of ways over the past months is, “When do I think weddings will be normal again?”

We're also going to address invitation & save the date etiquette, postponement and rescheduling, getting money back from a vendor, post-wedding celebrations, and a handful of silver linings.

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