The NEW WAY to Plan Your Dream Wedding Celebration | Aligned Wedding Effect Episode ONE


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Why do some engaged couple THRIVE … while most struggle through their wedding planning journey, languishing in a constant state of overwhelm?

Why do a few sail through their engagement season incredibly fulfilled & 100% confident with their unique decisions, while so many engaged couples stay stuck in feelings of emptiness and anxiety over whether or not they’re using the right resources, trusting the best sources, and making the right decisions?

You’re one of the incredibly few who’s about to discover the key to a streamlined, simplified, and completely fulfilled engagement season.

A wedding planning journey where your top values & priorities are in perfect alignment with every single wedding decision you make, resulting in a wedding that will leave a lasting legacy on you & your loved ones.

If you’re listening to this life changing series, then you’re here for a reason.

You’re ready to finally cut through the noise of free wedding advice from strangers on the internet, and take ownership of your wedding vision - regardless of what anyone else thinks.

You want your priorities to take center stage, and to STOP worrying about what everyone else is doing, or what others might think about your wedding choices.

You’re ready to create a wedding that’s build on intention, impact, and connection with your loved ones, instead of relying on the same old recycled and repackaged advice & traditions that the wedding industry has been serving up for decades.

You’re ready for your loved ones to walk away from your wedding experience saying to themselves, “that was the most life changing, unforgettable wedding we have ever been to.”

Today’s episode of the Wedding Planning Podcast is PART ONE of a very special series that explores exactly how to create a dream wedding celebration that’s in perfect alignment with what you value the most in life.

Sound familiar? Right, this is a common theme on the Wedding Planning Podcast, and I have a feeling that if you’re listening today, you’re a couple who values informed choices, intentional decisions, and actions that are in complete alignment with who you are at the core.

In this special 4-part series, we’re going to press the reset button, and walk through the very specific elements that make up the ALIGNED WEDDING EFFECT - the all new way to plan a wedding that is 100% centered around you, your partner, and your top priorities.

To binge the entire 4-part series right now, visit and sign up for a free 3-day trial of the ALIGNED WEDDING digital planning package.

Right now is the PERFECT TIME to become part of this all new approach to wedding planning that says NO to the 70 billion dollar wedding industry, and says YES to you & what you value the most. Details at

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