Afghani Translator: 'No hope' for women and girls as Taliban takes over


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An Afghan-born Australian who helped with the evacuation effort out of Kabul says there is "No hope" for women and girls in Afghanistan.

It comes as the Taliban prepare to announce the formation of new government in the country.

Mina Zaki is a former citizen of Afghanistan and was tasked with relaying messages over the phone to people fleeing Kabul.

She's told Luke Grant about her efforts helping those escaping the new regime.

The Taliban could announce the formation of a new government within days as the remaining US troops officially withdraw from the region.

The incoming rulers of Afghanistan have pledged to be more “inclusive” when they take over the country.

However, senior officials say that women are unlikely to be included in government roles.

The United Nations is warning that an "humanitarian catastrophe" is imminent in Afghanistan. Others are raising concern about the long term impacts of the country’s ruined economy.

Mina Zaki says the US withdrawal has been a disaster, and the region will become a hotbed for terrorism.

"To me it seems like the Biden administration has completely bent over backwards to the Taliban," she said.

"If we do not keep a watchful eye on what's going on in Afghanisatn, I can guarantee that we will see another September 11."

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