E35 - How to Achieve Real Estate Investing and Youtube Success with Matt McKeever


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Matt McKeever is a CPA, Real Estate Investor and Youtuber. His Youtube channel currently has 57.6K subscribers and over 3.2M views. He implements the BRRRR strategy in London Ontario. On this episode, we discuss the following:

Growing up on a 200 acre farm in Grand Bend, ON

Buying his first student rental investment in 2010

Buying 32 units in 2016 (and how he did it)

Retiring at 31

Owning over 100 units today

Overcoming fear during these times

Tips for successful Youtube videos (length of video, consistency and thumbnails)

You can learn more about Matt by visiting his Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdRtqnqBSq4GY7DGiYICu5g

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