Finding Comfort in Chaos


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Routinely Non-Routine Routines

Some of us may have found ourselves, lately, in a new routine. Having different daily routines or Non-routine-New-routines … which aren’t really routines at all, but you’re doing them kind of routinely these days. It’s like that other thing was my normal routine, and now I’m in a non-routine that’s probably just a temporary routine, but it could possibly become a lasting routine … I routinely ponder things like this!

I know that lots of people need, want, prefer routines. Schedules are important and when we get off our schedules, it can be very disconcerting, if not downright anxiety producing!

How are your new ‘out-of-routine’ routines working out? How are they affecting you? Are you noticing how they are making things better, worse, or maybe no difference at all? Maybe you’re someone who doesn't need a schedule or who doesn’t even like routines at all. But either way, it’s probable that you are doing things differently these days. It’s likely your life changed recently, either a little or drastically.

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