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It’s a Brain Changer

What does it mean to have optimism? No need to look it up, I already did. The adjective “optimistic” describes a mental attitude with a tendency to have a favorable view on situations in life. An optimistic person is more likely to expect a positive outcome.

What is a pessimistic person? I looked that up too! Pessimism means thinking the worst. Pessimism is a mental attitude having a tendency to expect the worst in everything.

Both of these definitions have something in common. Optimism and pessimism are opposites, and yet, thay have a very interesting commonality. Both are defined using these same words: Mental Attitude, Thoughts & Expectations. It does NOT say that to be optimistic requires the world or your life to be perfect. It does NOT say that pessimism requires the world or your life to be disastrous. Each of these definitions states that BOTH stem from how we think, our attitudes and our expectations!

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