What is Spirituality?


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A 28 Day Challenge

We live in exciting times where spirituality is more openly discussed and embraced than years past. But even as people become more open, spirituality still has some ambiguity and a variety of definitions. The more people I question, the more answers I receive about what spirituality is and what it is not. We can readily admit that people have physical bodies, thoughts and heart felt emotions. Yet, when it comes to spirituality, people often get confused or defensive about the topic. Some can quickly say what spirituality means to them while others respond by saying, “I’ll have to get back to you about that” (& they have yet to get back to me on that). Some ascribe religion to spirituality and they immediately think of God, while other people are put off by my inquiry, as if it’s a trick question. Then there are those who don't believe in the concept of spirituality at all. I am not judging anyone for their personal beliefs or lack thereof. I am merely inquisitive about the subject. For me it’s been a lifelong journey of connecting with and learning from the unseen world. My spirituality continually evolves with each new challenge, conflict and success I experience.

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