EP 163 - The Walking Corpses of China, Free Paranormal Help from Mediums and Muggles, Bloody Mary


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EP 163 - The Walking Corpses of China, Free Paranormal Help from Mediums and Muggles, Bloody Mary

Byron Graham joins us as a guest to talk about the fears that are keeping us up at night. Thankfully he opens his ears to the unknown truths which plague the Werewolf Radar. Beware! Vampires are everywhere in this town...some ghosts as well...Did someone chant Bloody Mary, again? Paranormal Comedy Podcast Werewolf Radar is here to provide you the information you need to survive until next week.

In This Episode:

Nate goes into the mainland of Asia for a tale of horror as we learn about China's Walking Vampires. Collected from first-hand accounts, we found a number of tales about parades of walking dead being moved from one grave to another. It is actually cheaper to make your corpse walking than modern ways of corpse transportation.

Roger talks about a new pro-bono ghost investigation team. Ghost Hunters of Kittitas County are a newly formed team that conducts all investigations for free in order to help and research as many cases as possible in their area. Check out their Facebook and ask them questions!

Jordan was so moved by the beginning of the episode he scraped his segment and found Bloody Mary stories so scary we had to read them to you. Get ready to be scared by a blast from the past.

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