27: Luke James of RHA Tackle/Merit McCrea and the SoCal Saltwater Scene


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This week we sit down with Luke James from RHA Tackle. Luke talks about his passion for designing high quality spoons for trout and salmon. He explains what it is like to start your own lure company, how RHA came to be, and what it stands for. We also talk about future plans and baits that are in the making to target a larger variety of fish, both deep and shallow. We then go in-depth with Merit McCrea about the incredible Southern California bite right now and how YOU can get in on the action. Everything from barracuda, bass, bluefin, yellowfin, yellowtail, and even a push of dorado covered in this week's reports.
RHA Tackle: https://reelhookedanglerstackle.net/
Bluefin on the 3/4 day boats: https://wonews.com/bluefin-on-the-3-4-day-boats/
Bluefin bite remains incredibly close: https://wonews.com/bluefin-bite-remains-incredibly-close-to-port/
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