What a Creep: Rex Harrison (Old Timey Hollywood Creep!)


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What a Creep: Rex Harrison Season 13, Episode 6 “Old-Timey Hollywood Creep” From Henry Higgins to Doctor Doolittle, Rex Harrison is one of Hollywood’s most popular leading men of the 20th Century. With his tall stature, deep booming voice, and his undeniable confidence—audiences ate him up whether he was playing a deceased sea captain in The Ghost and Mrs. Muir or Julius Caesar. “Sexy Rexy” as he was known led a life full of swagger, luxury, success, and often—tragedy. This is one of those old-timey movie star tales where the Creep is an arrogant, mean, stingy son of a bitch who treated co-workers, colleagues, family, and anyone in a position that could be referred to as “staff” like disposable trash. Here is the history of one of the least beloved people in show business. Trigger Warnings: Two of his partners died by suicide Sources: The Guardian The Daily Mail The Telegraph The Incomparable Rex: Rex Harrison by Patrick Garland Not an Ordinary Life: Eileen Younghusband Fatal Charm by Alexander Walker Be sure to follow us on social media. But don’t follow us too closely … don’t be a creep about it! Subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts Twitter: https://twitter.com/CreepPod @CreepPod Facebook: Join the private group! Instagram @WhatACreepPodcast Visit our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/whatacreep Email: WhatACreepPodcast@gmail.com We’ve got merch here! https://whatacreeppodcast.threadless.com/# Our website is www.whatacreeppodcast.com Our logo was created by Claudia Gomez-Rodriguez. Follow her on Instagram @ClaudInCloud

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