Oh how I love thee, let me count my last names! Gladys Broadhurst


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This episode centers around one woman who found plenty of Mr. Rights, but she was definitely Mrs. Wrong. Being a beautiful woman, Gladys Raphs would never suffer alone for long. She traded husbands as often as her wardrobe, with a divorce every other year. And there were some men who were just in her life for fun, they were perhaps the lucky ones to avoid the marriage trap.
But Gladys had goals and in the 1940’s, it was easy to tell a tale and gain a person’s trust. And Gladys succeeded in telling some very tall tales. When she and a former lover rekindled their romance, it wasn’t long before the two were speeding off to Reno for a secret marriage. Why the secret? Gladys was still married to then husband number 4.
Perhaps it was true love, or perhaps it was true love for money? Poor Dr. Willis Broadhurst was sucked into the outrageous lies of a deceitful woman. After changing his will and giving her access to everything he had, she paid him back with an affair and murder. He would never realize just how foolish had been before being killed and left in a field by Gladys’ much, much younger lover and husband number 7.
This tale is truly a twisted one.
Join us for a discussion of bigomy, sex, love, lies and even Paul Bunyan on this episode of the podcast.
Some information from this episode:
Paul Bunyan is real, dammit!
Historic trial in Vale, Oregon
Oregon State vs. Gladys Broadhurst
The Black Widow
‘Til Death Do Us...A True Crime Story of Bigamy and Murder By Patrick Gallagher

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