S3E1 Designing for Emotions with Proxyclick Product Designer, Eirini Kasti


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Eirini Kasti is a User Experience Expert focused on design for emotions. She has created experiences for the airline, financial, education, energy or transportation industries, from the biggest European companies like KLM or ING Bank to pioneering start-ups and scale-ups. Currently, she is a Senior Product Designer at Proxyclick, a European scale-up in the facility management sector.

Besides design, she is passionate about physical and mental health, self-improvement and connection with nature. That’s why she started Shaking Olives, a side project to help people have a healthy mind in a healthy body. She does this by using technology to improve their habits and educate them on the science of nutrition and well-being.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • What is Proxyclick and Eirini’s role
  • Kinds of designs and what use cases they have in adjusting the business and the product to the pandemic
  • Eirini’s journey in design - from working in a transport engineering agency to being passionate in UX, psychology and design technology
  • Eirini shares how she got her scholarship
  • Designing for emotions especially for SaaS enterprises
  • How she divides the work and tasks at Proxyclick
  • Proxyclick’s design process and workflow
  • Shaking Olives - Enable people to achieve the ancient wisdom "a healthy mind in a healthy body" through science and technology
  • And many MORE!





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