01.17 The One Where You Need To Vote Like Lives Depend On It


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Grab your coffee and hold on tight, once you press play we are non-stop! in this fast paced episode we follow the second part of The One With Two Parts. We watch as Joey gets his heart broken by Ursula and picking apart the nuanced responsibilities that we have when navigating these hard dating-your-best-friends-estranged-sister situations. We watch Rachel drag Monica into insurance fraud and naively dance around in a crime where her bestie would pay all the consequences - inviting some 'cute doctors' over for dinner (I'm not sure why i used quotations - Rachels words or not, we all know George Clooney is cute af). And lastly we will PIVOT! over to some beautiful portrayals of male vulnerability, men emotionally supporting men, as Ross Geller tries to wrap his head around his impending fatherdom.
Along the way we'll visit a wikipedia history lesson on black sitcoms in ref to F.R.I.E.N.D.S, an ugly sweater, some paralleling of queer family dynamics and just generally remind ya'll to register to vote... and then also actually go #vote
hope you have fun!
*For the record this title is not trying to be click-baity but rather a banner and reminder that we all know people in the US and in this time, as their friends, we need to remind them to vote, and that their vote will affect lives... and that not voting will also affect lives.
Ways to get involved with the Black Lives Matter Movement:
We would like to state that this podcast was recorded in 'Montreal', or Tiohtiá:ke, which we recognize is unceded indigenous land of the traditional territories of the Kanien’kehá:ka, 'Mohawk', Anishinabeg, 'Algonquin', and other peoples. We recognize the indigenous peoples as the rightful custodians of this land and are grateful and respect every which way they have taken care of and fought for this land, including, and not exclusive to, the Oka Crisis.
Though we continuously are working to use this podcast as a platform to address and unpack systems of oppression we also recognize our whiteness, that we are able bodied, our class privilege, and, in addition, our newness at attempting to create this media. We welcome any insight, feedback or resources on how we can do this better, or if we are doing it wrong.
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