01.19 The One Where Ross is Awful and Everyone is Fatphobic


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While we anxiously await the 2020 Election Results, let's talk about men and the way they treat women like garbage. Okay, a little harsh. This week, we're talking about the way Ross treats Rachel when she accidentally loses his monkey while it's in her care. We talk about how Chandler and Joey need to learn how to be appropriate neighbors to the women who live downstairs and we talk about how everyone (not just the men) need to chill on the massive amounts of fatphobia in this show.

Resources and Links:

Healthy At Every Size Resources
Eating Disorders Statistics
History of Anti-Blackness and Fatphobia
Fearing the Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia
Google Anti-Blackness and Fatphobia; there is a lot and it's important!
Ways to get involved with the Black Lives Matter Movement:
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Though we continuously are working to use this podcast as a platform to address and unpack systems of oppression we also recognize our whiteness, that we are able bodied, our class privilege, and, in addition, our newness at attempting to create this media. We welcome any insight, feedback or resources on how we can do this better, or if we are doing it wrong.
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