01.25 The One Where We Go Live - Season 1 F.R.I.E.N.D.S Podcast Wrap-Up


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This episode was originally recorded LIVE!
We did it. we finished the entire season. It's been a ride, thats for sure. Not at all what we would have expected, but thats half the fun of it no? In this episode we wrap up the season by discussing our feels about FRIENDS, deconstructing our own methods of deconstruction and asking the big questions about the purpose of the podcast and where it should go from here - or IF it should go from here...
Ways to get involved with the Black Lives Matter Movement:
We would like to state that this podcast was recorded in 'Montreal', or Tiohtiá:ke, which we recognize is unceded indigenous land of the traditional territories of the Kanien’kehá:ka, 'Mohawk', Anishinabeg, 'Algonquin', and other peoples. We recognize the indigenous peoples as the rightful custodians of this land and are grateful and respect every which way they have taken care of and fought for this land, including, and not exclusive to, the Oka Crisis.
Though we continuously are working to use this podcast as a platform to address and unpack systems of oppression we also recognize our whiteness, that we are able bodied, our class privilege, and, in addition, our newness at attempting to create this media. We welcome any insight, feedback or resources on how we can do this better, or if we are doing it wrong.
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