Season 3 Episode 3: The known story of Circleville


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Everyone loves a good mystery...

And CIrcleville has all the elements to perk the interest of any sleuth.

Just look at Unsolved Mysteries, internet articles, reddit boards and...well... a lot of other podcasts.

But how much of what we've heard is the truth or just another story?

On this episode we lay out the known story of Circleville, the facts as we know them today.

We introduce you to the character and events that we'll be digging into in our upcoming episodes, as we start to try and unravel the mystery of this one small town in Ohio.

Welcome to Circleville. Remember - what goes around, comes around.

Episode has been newly remastered by Sarah Vorhees Wendel, with a special thanks to the Astonishing Legends Podcast.

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