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In 1977, a small town in Ohio became the target of the the wraith of an anonymous letter writer. This unknown author would terrorize the town of Circleville Ohio for decades, sending thousands of letters accusing the residents of some pretty ugly things, including murder.

Were these thousands of letters dark fantasies of fiction, or did the Circleville letter writer really know the town's secrets? Who were they and what did they want to prove?

How far were they willing to go to be heard?

On this season of Whatever Remains we rip open the story of the Circleville letter writer, - review decades of previously unreleased information from court cases, crime scene reports and interview Martin Yant, the one private investigator who tried to solve this ongoing mystery.

Let's figure out who was behind the Circleville letter and what caused them to mail so much malice.

Episode 1 coming 10/25/2019.

Remember - what goes around, - comes around.

Welcome to Circleville.

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