Don't Ask WYE - Issue 59 - How asking the wrong question can hurt


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You know how when you're feeling down and you've experienced a not so great life moment it's irritating to constantly be asked, "You okay?"

We get it. Recently, Justin's eldest had some medical issues (Ask WYE 57) and he's been inundated with queries about how he's handling things. Methinks he's reached his limit.

In this episode we talk about some strategies as a replacement for simply asking, "You okay?"

You'll learn about:

  • Offering a distraction (we landed on disc golf)
  • Planning an unrelated outing (favorite taphouse, anyone?)
  • Ask about the latest [insert book, movie, show] everyone is discussing
  • Show up with a favorite adult beverage and shoot the proverbial breeze
  • Let 'em know you're there for them without overtly asking their current emotional status

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