Rana’s 5-minute POV on Gifting & Receiving Feedback


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My formal bio!

Rana Nawas is a corporate veteran turned speaker and podcaster, on a mission to help women win. She does this through inspiring keynotes, strategic advisory and her podcast, When Women Win - a show where female role models from diverse backgrounds share inspirational stories and practical tools for success.

Rana spent 17 years in the corporate world, at McKinsey & Company's London Office, the Dubai Government, and GE Capital in a variety of strategy and sales roles. Whilst at GE, she co-led the Women’s Network for the Middle East, Africa & Turkey and led the charge in rewriting policies and helping women rise. Rana has been featured on CNN and in Vogue Arabia; her articles have been published in Forbes, GQ and many others.

Rana is also a full-time mother, wife, daughter, sister, meal planner & wannabe athlete.


I'd love to hear what you think of the format and content of this 5-minute episode... Could you send a message through https://whenwomenwinpodcast.com? Or via my LinkedIn and Instagram @rananawas?

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