How Having 3 Careers Led To Real Estate Investing


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Guest: Chris Shebib, Realtor, Investor, Speaker, Coach.

This week’s podcast guest is Chris Shebib. He has had 3 careers in contracting, computer science, and psychology. He’s found a lot of parallels between contracting and computer science.

He started with flips due to his contracting background. He eventually moved to California and was a money partner on student rentals in Canada. He also did some rent-to-own deals.

He now focuses on BRRRRs and multi-family projects. Chris now coaches others and helps them build their real estate portfolios. Now is the best time to refinance and leverage capital.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Creating streams of predictable income & invest with that
  • Full-time investor since 2015
  • Adding secondary dwelling units for profitability
  • Garden suites, detached second building on the property
  • Density mandates and opportunities surrounding them
  • BRRRRing through secondary suites, creating forced appreciation
  • Creating cash flow rather than buying it
  • ARVs and comprarables

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