Episode 632 - Danielle Burgio


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Danielle Burgio is a lifelong Martial Arts practitioner, stuntwoman, and actress featured in the recent Netflix zombie film, Army of the Dead.

When I started Martial Arts, I was getting frustrated. And when I realize the power that I actually had, that I thought I knew I had, I did not experience it until I kicked that pad. I believe that all of us have that power inside of us. I think the majority of people around the world don’t recognize how powerful we really are…

Danielle Burgio - Episode 632

It was the passion for Martial Arts that brought our guest today into doing stunt work, and she’s done phenomenal work. Danielle Burgio has been featured in a lot of movies and TV Shows that we’ve all loved such as The Amazing Spiderman, Army of the Dead, The Walking Dead, The Matrix, and so much more.

Danielle Burgio's diverse talents have led her down an exciting path from Broadway dancer, to top Hollywood stunt actress, to filmmaker. Aside from her super photogenic dog, Danielle talks about her career in Hollywood as well as her lifelong affinity to the Martial Arts.

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Show Notes

In this episode, we mentioned Bas Rutten and Samantha Win

Find out more about Danielle Burgio on IMDB or visit her website at www.danielleburgio.com

Follow Danielle Burgio on Instagram @daniburgio1111

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