Episode 639 - How to Fight Jean-Claude Van Damme as Kurt Sloane in Kickboxer (1989)


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In this episode, Jeremy and co-host Andrew Adams give us a new episode of How To Fight and they are joined by Dr. Jean Kanokogi.

How to Fight Jean-Claude Van Damme as Kurt Sloane in Kickboxer (1989) - Episode 639

The 1989 film Kickboxer is the first installment to the Kickboxer series of movies and it’s starred by Jean-Claude Van Damme. Kurt Sloane (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is the younger brother and cornerman of Eric Sloane (Dennis Alexio), the United States kickboxing world champion. After another successful title defense, Eric is enticed by the media to compete in Thailand, where kickboxing was started, to further establish his legacy.

In this episode, Jeremy, Andrew, and Dr. Jean Kanokogi discuss how are they going to fight Kurt Sloane by analyzing his stance, style, and moves. Listen and join this fun conversation!

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