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Hanshi Thomas LeBrun is a Martial Arts practitioner, former close protection for celebrities, and an author.

I knew that I wanted to keep going with making the atmosphere safe for other people. So, I kind of veered somewhat from traditional martial arts to, say, what actually works on the street…

Hanshi Thomas LeBrun - Episode 647

Some of us may attribute training in Martial Arts as an accident or even a coincidence. However, Hanshi Thomas LeBrun literally has an accident that made him unable to do any physical activity for a year as a young boy. The physical rest made him turn to Martial Arts shows and movies where he got his interest in the Martial Arts. Aside from Martial Arts, he also got into lifting weights that would, later on, serve him well in his job protecting celebrities.

Presently, Hanshi Thomas LeBrun published his book entitled “Hiding in Plain Sight” where he tells his journey as executive security for celebrities.

Show Notes

In this episode, we mentioned Michel DePasquale.

Check out Hanshi Thomas Lebrun’s Book, Hiding in Plain Sight here.

Connect with Hanshi Thomas LeBrun on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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