Episode #12: Clint da Monsta 🇦🇺 🇹🇭 🇰🇭


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In this podcast, I catch up with my great Aussie friend Clint G, or, 'Clint da Monsta" as I call him.

I first met Clint at a remote fitness complex in Cambodia, and we hit it off immediately and started to train, travel, and do a little bit of partying together.
Since then, I've hung out with Clint dozens of times throughout Cambodia, in Pattaya and Koh Samui in Thailand, and Manila in the Philippines.

Now a family man who's got a beautiful wife and child, Clint is one of the smartest, most conscious, humble, and laid-back people I've ever met. I can honestly say that through the years, we've evolved and grown up together.

We haven't seen each other since January of 2020 in Manila, where he and his wife came to visit her family and baptize their young son.

In the short span since, the world has gone completely crazy and gone together, so it's nice to always hear the steady, sage voice of my buddy, Clint.

In this podcast, we chat about the people, places, good times - and bad - that we've experienced together, how things may evolve through a post-Covid world, and hopes for the future.

Enjoy this podcast with Clint and you can be assured there are more to come!

-Norm Schriever

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