Episode #4: Dead Aim Amy 🥊


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The Who in the World podcast episode #4: Dead Aim Amy 🥊

In this episode I have the pleasure of interviewing Dead Aim Amy, a Canadian who now lives and boxes professionally in Asia.
Now based out of Manila, the Philippines, Amy has 11 pro fights under her belt, bringing her to countries such as Mexico (that’s a hella sketchy story), Thailand, Japan, and Korea (where she owned a gym and even trained gang members there). She’s definitely lived a little!

I actually met Amy randomly in a grimy gym in the Makati neighborhood of Manila when I walked in one day just to get a workout. As the only two foreigners in the whole gym, the trainers there just assumed we knew each other, and we became friends from that day forward. A couple of years later, not only is Amy someone I respect and follow because of her courage, work ethic, and entrepreneurial initiative, but I’m great friends with her boyfriend, Noel, too.

Amy’s resume is quite impressive, as she was sponsored by Adidas for many years and grew a small boxing empire in Korea for women who wanted to better themselves. She’s started philanthropic endeavors in the Philippines like the Lil Sisters Project and the Empowered Clubhouse for women, as well as launching several clothing brands revolving around athletic gear.

But before she was “Dead Aim Amy,” Amy Berezowski grew up outside of Toronto to a working class, cookie cutter family. However, once she went off on her own, she definitely knew the grittier side of life, from homelessness to being attacked by a bartender at the club where she worked, leading her to take up boxing for the first time.

After knowing Amy for several years now and conducting this revealing interview, I can see that boxing is just the vehicle she uses to support, empower, and help the women and girls whose lives she wants to impact.

That is her legacy, even more than lacing up the gloves and duking it out.

Enjoy this interview with Dead Aim Amy and thanks for subscribing to the podcast!

-Norm Schriever

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