Episode #2: Big Wave 🏄‍♂‍


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Today, I interview an old friend I call 'Big Wave' for his love of surfing, leading him to live as an expat in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and more. Big Wave and I used to live in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua at the same time, and we often trained at the boxing gym there, coming to a crescendo when he knocked me the f*ck out on my last day in town!
A motorcycle enthusiast, Fight Night organizer, and former dabbler in "alternative economies," Big Wave is also surprisingly thoughtful and analytical, living by an admirable personal code as he navigates life in frontier-like, lawless Latin America.
Ten years later, I happen to be living in the same little surf town as Big Wave again, this time in Costa Rica. In this podcast, I sit down at a beachside bar with my old friend, catching up about life as an expat, some of the notable stories throughout the years, and much more.
Please excuse my liberal use of profanity in this recording (which adds color to the podcast in my opinion) and my unprofessional chewing on a cheeseburger as we spoke (I was damn hungry).
​Enjoy this podcast with Big Wave and thanks for subscribing!
-Your friend,
Norm :-)

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