101: How to Be a Bold Woman with Caytie Langford & Amanda Cahill


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Caytie Langford: Bold Women's Society Co-Founder

When Caytie Langford was growing up, she was told she could be anything she set her mind to. She was also told there were certain "rules" to follow. So she did.

After a decade and a half of working, she found herself as a successful nonprofit executive. She also found herself crying in her corner office because she knew "this" wasn't it. She decided she was done living life by someone else's design.

When Caytie decided to pivot, it was difficult for her to find stories of other women breaking the rules or pursuing dreams in a non-traditional manner. She started coaching other women who wanted to make professional and personal changes.

The more she started coaching, the more she realized there were many women who need and want to connect with other rebellious, rule-breaking women who have their own plans for their life. That's when Bold Women Society™ was born.

Amanda Cahill: Bold Women's Society Co-Founder

Over the course of a decade, Amanda Cahill quickly climbed the corporate ladder and created a name for herself in her industry. From the outside looking in, it seemed as though she had it all: a great career, strong relationships, and an enthusiasm that radiated in all that she did.

Despite this, something was missing. Amanda set out to find supportive, like-minded women who were also feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and unsure of what the next step in life could be. She found women who were hungry to connect as they navigated uncertainty and carved a path toward their dreams.

When Amanda met Caytie, they brought their shared vision for Bold Women Society™ to life. Amanda’s dream is to help other women share their stories and to inspire others to go after whatever it is they want in life.

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