"THE VAGINA DANCE!" W/ Kulap Vilaysack, Scott Aukerman, Kate Miccuci and Lauren Lapkus


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It's a comedy powerhouse lineup with Scott Aukerman, Kulap VIlaysack, Kate Miccuci and Lauren Lapkus joining Arden and the Production Team to discuss the HORNIEST EPISODE OF BIP EVER!!! Dirty sexy toes! Marketing Majors! The Battle of Two Joes!

- Arden felt like less of a woman after watching whipped cream get licked off of a toe!

- Scott is CONVINCED there is a whole vault of dirty footage from The Boom Boom Room!

- Kate feels like she went back in time 20 YEARS AND WAS REJUVENATED!

- Lauren has giving in a now accepts the MAGIC of BIP!!!

All that plus........TWEET OF THE WEEK!

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