S8 E2: Wellness Has Many Dimensions with Trynette Lariba


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“My overall mission is to bring healing, hope, and health to women.” – Trynette Lariba

During Season 8 Episode 2 of WinHers United the podcast Trynette Lariba, CEO of Curvy Fit Chicks, talks to us about the many dimensions of wellness. She shares insight on the importance of self-mastery and aiming for excellence in all we do. Trynette encourages us to “not fail our bodies” as we are working diligently to create the lives we desire. By listening to this episode you will learn more about being intentional in all of your efforts, the importance of nurturing relationships, pursuing personal growth, and using your past proof to push forward in achieving greater things.

Episode Highlights

(3:25) Trynette defines Curvy Fit Chicks and tells us how she helps her Curvy Fit Chick clients

(6:43) Trynette shares her view on body size in relation to fitness

(8:40) Trynette talks about becoming a postpartum doula

(13:56) Trynette explains the difference between a midwife and a doula

(15:02) Trynette discusses the requirements and provides suggestions for becoming a doula

(20:54) At times your reality does not match your plans, Trynette tells us about her experience with this

(23:08) Trynette talks about the importance of relationship building in business and provides some tips and tricks for building meaningful relationships

(32:16) Trynette discusses the “I don’t feel like it mindset” and how decisions should not be made around emotions

(38:45) Tyrnette equates personal development to personal growth, and she tells us why

(41:02) Trynette shares a book she read that has helped her to develop personally

(44:03) Trynette talks about discernment, and how no is not a bad word

(45:09) Trynette shares her self-care regime which includes working out, prayer, devotion, quiet time, dating herself, and more

(47:36) Trynette tells us about her latest win and why it is important to her

(53:08) Trynette gives us her definition of a WinHer

(54:52) Trynette offers her parting wisdom

Trynette’s Bio

Trynette Lariba, RN, BSN is the Founder of Curvy Fit Chicks. She’s also known as the Curvy Fit RN. She’s confident, bold and passionate about curvy woman fitness. Her mission is to redefine the standards of health and wellness for the holistic Curvy Woman.

She loves her curves, but like many women, her adult life was an on and off affair with getting fit. The realization that the cycle must STOP came in 2016 after having a flip-over car accident that completely transformed her life and set her on the path to healing, health and hope. She discovered her purpose and rediscovered herself. Trynette decided to no longer let excuses, doubt, other people’s opinions, insecurities or inconsistency hold her back. She knew that loving herself meant taking the best care of herself. She became empowered and is unquestionably giving curvy women permission to do the same.

She was nominated for the Rise Award by Banwo Foundation, Inc in 2019 and the Soar Award in 2021. She has been featured in Voyage MIA and Banwo Foundation Magazine.

Trynette’s a BEAST when it comes to getting fit. She’s committed, conscious, and clear about her fitness goals and focused on helping other Curvy Women identify their ‘WHY’ and ‘HOW’ to get and stay active.

Connect with Trynette:

Linktree: www.linktr.ee/curvy_fit_chicks

Website: www.curvyfitchicks.com

Instagram: http://instagram.com/curvy_fit_chicks

Facebook: http://facebook.com/curvyfitchicks

Clubhouse: https://joinclubhouse.com/club/CurvyFitChicks

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/haryshathompson/

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