Intuitive Grieving With Dr. Carrie Pitzulo - Ep. 78


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We'd like to welcome Carrie Pitzulo to the show today! Carrie defInes herself as an academic turned professional witch. After spending a career generating and sharing intellectual knowledge of women’s past, she shifted to applying that knowledge to women’s mystical present. Part of Carrie’s focus right now has is working on her forthcoming book about life, death, and grief in a dying world.

We have had death shoved in our faces every single day for the past two years because of the pandemic. Unfortunately, we live in a society where we are not taught from a young age how death works, and we aren’t really “forced” to confront it the way we would have been hundreds of years ago. We’re taught to shield our children’s eyes from it, to lower our voices when we talk about it, or to simply not talk about it at all. We dive in deep in this episode to discuss death, and how using energy, spirit, and intuition can guide us in the grieving process.

Because of this, many of us don’t know what to do or how to react when it comes to death and losing people. We have no choice but to play a guessing game during the grieving process. Are we allowed to be angry? What if we can’t stop crying? What if we don’t cry at all? Can we talk to those who are no longer using their human bodies as vessels for their energy? When does it stop hurting — if ever?

These questions are all things people think about then faced with death, and the harsh reality is that death should not be hidden. It’s not taboo. We’re all going to die one day(and if that sounds morbid, it’s because you grew up in a society that asked you to look away from death!)

Grief is not linear. And we want our listeners to understand this and be patient with themselves as they begin their journey of looking inward for answers, and outward at the world around them for communication from loved ones.

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