Spells From A Love Witch: Bohemian Magick With Veronica Varlow - Ep. 77


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In this episode we discuss the absolute BEAUTY that is Veronica Varlow's brand new book, Bohemian Magick, with Veronica herself! Veronica is an internationally renowned witch descended from five generations of Czech-Romani witches, healer, and has written an empowering book titled “Bohemian Magick” that speaks to a massive audience of people searching to find or reclaim the magick within themselves, live authentically, and discover their “true Wild.”

She believes your life is the greatest spell you will ever cast and that you already possess a unique magick, whether you’ve forgotten it, abandoned it, buried it, or have an inkling of it. We cover a plethora of subjects on this episode, including Sorcery Signatures, love magic, calling in your true Wild, rising from the ashes of trauma with spellwork, CRAZY synchronicities, and more.

We strongly encourage you to snag a copy of this gorgeous grimoire for your witchy literature collection, ESPECIALLY if you’re someone who would enjoy being fully immersed in a magical journey led by a beautiful treasure like Veronica!

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