Stop Whining, Start Solving: Why People Fail To Heal feat. Kelle Sparta - Ep. 79


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Kelle Sparta is a transformational shaman and the founder of The Sacred Power And Purpose Mystery School, where she works with people on integrating real-world skills with energetic skills to optimize a life path of happiness, success, and inner peace. She specializes in helping focused doers optimize their success and minimize their stress. Kelle combines personal growth with energetic tools to create a holistic approach to your personal evolution. If you're looking to succeed at personal growth the way you've succeeded in other areas of your life, then Kelle is the person to talk to.

Kelle is the co-host of the popular Spirit Sherpa podcast - listed on the Top 25 Metaphysical Podcasts Not To Miss in 2021. We’re super excited to have her on the show today. Be sure to check the description of this episode browse Kelle’s podcast episodes, website, and online courses on manifestation, healing, and finding your own inner peace.

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