#099-Tips and Strategy on How To Build A List with Carlos Alvarez


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Your ultimate guide to growing and building your list in a podcast episode. How to start, how to grow, creating campaigns and every strategy you’ll need to know in email marketing compressed in 45 mins with no other than The Carlos Alvarez.

I learned a lot and I know you’ll pick-up a thing or two in making a profitable email listing. So tune-in cos big nuggets awaits.

In this Episode: [00:40] Welcoming my co-host and mentor Carlos Alvarez [01:35] List building and its importance. [03:00] Tools to create a contest. [05:55] Active campaigns. [06:10] Rates for the basic tools you’ll need. [07:30] How does it take to learn and study list building? [09:40] Ins and Outs of doing contests. [13:45] Knowing who’s on your lists. [16:40] How do you start? [19:35] How long do you see the result? [24:45] How much do you spend by starting small? [26:25] How to start facebook page ads through your listing? [30:30] Connecting with your followers and people on your list.

Guest References: WEBSITE: https://bluebirdmarketingsolutions.com/ Telegram: Amazongroupchat.com

Book Reference: Ask and Choose By: Ryan Levesque https://www.amazon.com/Ask Rebels Guide to Email Marketing By: DJ Waldow and Jason Falls

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